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Ducted Air Conditioning


Temperzone Concealed Ducted units or 'Split' systems consist of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit installed in the ceiling space. Air is distributed from the indoor unit by duct to one or more air vents. With convenient thermostat control, heating, cooling or auto settings are available at your fingertips.


The best system for any room will be advised by your temperzone Approved Installer during a free, no obligation visit.


Ducted Suitablity

Where the necessary ceiling space is available for installation and servicing. In instances where ceiling space is limited it is sometimes possible to utilize the ceiling space in an adjacent room to house the indoor unit.

Attributes and Benefits

  • Concealed Ducted air conditioners provide an unobtrusive, well-hidden design that is best suited for distributing air from a single source to multiple outlets.
  • The ability to introduce fresh air into the space is great for high occupancy rooms.  Air vents can be positioned to ensure the area is air conditioned evenly for optimum comfort.
  • Our elegant, discreet air vents can be matched to the décor of your room to blend with the aesthetic requirements of your home.
  • Temperzone indoor and outdoor units are carefully designed to minimise sound. Ducted systems are considered to be the quietest air conditioning choice, as the indoor unit can be situated in less noise critical areas (e.g. in the ceiling space or under the floor).
  • A conveniently placed wall-mounted thermostat designed with heating, cooling or auto options controls the system.


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