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Under Ceiling Split System


Temperzone Under Ceiling units or 'Split' systems consist of an outdoor unit and ceiling mounted indoor unit. Air is distributed into the space from the indoor unit. With convenient thermostat control, heating, cooling or auto settings are available at your fingertips.

Under Ceiling Unit Suitability

Where air conditioning is required on a restricted budget and ceiling height is suitable for installation. These units are less suitable where there is a requirement for fresh air introduction and when even air distribution is critical over a large area.

Attributes and Benefits

  •  Wall space is maximized for shelving, displays etc. an advantage in spaces such as retail environments.
  • Ideal for buildings with little or no space in the roof compartment, these units can be mounted to the underside of a level or sloping ceiling.
  • A cost effective solution for open areas and large offices due to the ease of installation.
  • Easily relocated without damaging the ceiling
  • Easy access for servicing of air filters.



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