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Outdoor Packaged Unit


Temperzone Ducted Rooftop Packaged units or Rooftop units combine both the indoor and outdoor units of a ‘Split’ system all in one unit or ‘package’. A packaged system is usually located on a rooftop and in close vicinity to the area being air-conditioned.

Rooftop Packaged unit Suitability

For large, open areas e.g. supermarkets, showrooms, fast food restaurants and retail outlets. Ducted Packaged air conditioners are less suitable for multi-storey buildings.

Attributes and Benefits 

  • Ideal for buildings with little or no space in the roof compartment or on the wall.
  • Air distribution into large, open areas from a single source to multiple outlets.
  • Numerous ducted air distribution options are available ranging from a few large, central air outlets to multiple air diffusers.
  • Fresh air introduction is an option to help control air quality. Economisers can be fitted to increase efficiency and lower running costs by utilising outside air for cooling.
  • Even with a large unit size, due to the outdoor location, noise in the air-conditioned space is minimal.
  • Servicing occurs outside leaving customer service and hygiene critical environments uninterrupted.
  • Adaptability in the construction and control of temperzone Ducted Packaged units provides a standard or customized product range to suit specific applications


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