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Another Hitachi Day Competition

Congratulations to the winners in our 'Another Hitachi Day' competition which finished on 14 April '11.

We are proud, excited and slightly overwhelmed by the great response we've had to the competition.

The Hitachi Day radio jingle has certainly gained recognition and created awareness of this top Japanese brand of Heat Pumps. School children, groups and individuals all over New Zealand have got out their Ukulele's and sung the Hitachi jingle.

With over 150 clips the response has been fantastic and we are are thoroughly impressed by the many talented young people in this country. Entrants have succeeded in performing the Hitachi jingle in a creative and fun way. 

We certainly enjoyed viewing the entries and are considering how we might top the competition next year.

To view the winners and some of our favourites click here.

Here's some feedback from the participants:

"Thank you! We had a lot of fun. It was a very cool experience.
We are planning to give 20% (of our winnings) to charity."
Matthew - The Naked Ukuleles

"We thoroughly enjoyed this competition and would be happy to partake in anymore to come or help out in anyway we can."
James - Loose Ecuadorian Bananas

"Thank you very much, it was fun and the kids loved doing it. This (the prize money) will go a little way to buy some music stand which the have needed for a number of years. 

Once again thank you on behalf of the Children and Mrs Kumar who has for a number of year put in many long our teaching the uke (out side school hours) to children as young as 5. For many of the children in the video it's the 3rd time they attended the class.

Keep up the good work and I hope it was a successful campaign."
Brett - Beach Haven Super Ukers

"Wow, Hitachi, what an amazing competition!
Its appeal struck a chord with Uruti School instantly, where we could see our ukulele playing children, being put on a global stage, to show off their talents.

But what was really amazing, was the journey that myself, the children, staff and parents undertook alongside our video, ‘A Typical Uruti Hitachi Day’. It was that incredible journey, where we learnt about marketing our school and interacting with our wider community.

Our dream of winning $10,000 for our school, may not have come true, but I know that the children recognise the huge learning we have all had from this experience...It has been an unforgettable experience for the children, parents and staff of Uruti School and we will look back with pride on our performance and feel richer for the experience.
Thank you Hitachi for the opportunity that this competition has provided our school. It’s been an amazing learning curve and a great exercise in learning how to market Uruti School."
Pauline - Uruti School

Uruti School, Taranaki NorthUruti School, Taranaki North

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