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Hitachi Premium Inverter Multi Split Systems

Temperzone approved HITACHI Premium Inverter Multi Systems contain an inverter outdoor unit connectable to a number of indoor units. Configurations depend on the size/capacity of both the indoor and outdoor units. These multi-head systems offer a wide range of indoor unit combinations (Ducted, Wall-mounted, Cassettes and Underceiling) to maximize air conditioning within each individual location.


The best system for your home will be advised by your local Hitachi specialist during a free, no obligation visit.


Premium Inverter Multi-Split Suitablility

For a wide range of applications where multiple indoor units are required for heating and cooling.

Attributes and Benefits


  • Premium Inverter Multi systems allow each indoor unit to be individually regulated with independent controllers.The system can simultaneously provide, or work with, a centralised building management system to monitor and control energy usage.
  • The variety of indoor units and flexible piping system makes the Premium Inverter Multi system suitable for even the most complex building configurations (scale, function, structure, materials and age). 
  • A full range of indoor units are available to suit all residential spaces
  • Each unit automatically modifies its output to minimise power consumption while maintaining a constant air-conditioned temperature within the space.
  • Though installation is more expensive its flexible system architecture, easy operation and energy saving technology, means Premium Inverter can provide not only comfort, but also efficiency and economy.
  • Designed to ensure that both the indoor and outdoor units are among the quietest available. In addition the system can be programmed to a nighttime quiet mode.
  • Single phase power supply to suit the majority of New Zealand homes
  • 6 Year Warranty

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