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Energy Star Heat Pumps

All our Hitachi Wall Mounts qualify for Energy Star. This qualification is awarded to appliances that are among the most energy efficient on the market in their class at the time of testing. Only ENERGY STAR® models can qualify for a heat pump subsidy under EECA’s ‘Warm Up NZ’ campaign.


Heat Pumps - Energy Efficient Choice

As shown by the graph produced by ECCA Energywise, a heat pump provides heating at a very low cost per kWh of heating released. When selected correctly heat pumps are in many cases the most energy efficient source of heating



Hitachi Inverter Technology

Get your room heated instantly on a cold morning! With its high powered start up, Inverter air conditioners realise up to 26% faster heating compared to non-inverter types.

With intelligent inverter technology, an air conditioner will heat or cool with maximum capacity at start up, then automatically slows down to a minimum suitable capacity to maintain room temperature at a comfortable level and minimise energy consumption.

Energy Saving Control functionality

Hitachi offer a number of functions which enable you to save energy costs, Hitachi's Eco mode, Sleep mode and optional 7 day weekly timer when utilised can be set up to conserve energy consumption. Hitachi's Premium optional remote also enables the tracking of monthly power usage so you're no longer in the dark about how much power you are using.


Enhance the Value of Your Home

Hitachi modern air conditioning systems are compact, elegant, and unobtrusive. Each system comprises an indoor unit (wall mounted) and an outdoor unit (located near the house), sized to suit the area to be air conditioned. Select from a range of models all designed to blend in with your environment.

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