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Energy Efficient Inverter Technology

Get your room heated instantly on a cold morning! With its high powered start up, Inverter air conditioners realise up to 26% faster heating compared to non-inverter types.

Hitachi intelligent DC inverter technology offers improved performance during periods of extended operation. The unit will heat or cool with maximum capacity at start up, then automatically slows down to a minimum suitable capacity to maintain room temperature at a comfortable level and minimise energy consumption.

Multi-Directional 3D Airflow

Hitachi models have a two-way air flow system for efficient air distribution. The louvres not only move up and down automatically but also left and right. This action and the design of the directional air flow flap, which minimises air resistance, ensures the air is dispersed evenly to maintain the temperature throughout the whole room.

Louvres can be set in any desired vertical and horizontal location with a set of a button to ensure draught free comfort.


Energy Efficient DC Indoor and Outdoor Fan Motors

Hitachi’s inverter models feature DC motors in the indoor and outdoor unit fans, as well as the compressor.
DC motors are 10% more efficient than conventional AC motors, and are also very quiet. What’s more, operating at low Voltage (35V), the indoor unit offers much safer maintenance.



Outdoor Durability - Corrosion resistant

With its special anti-corrosion “green” coating, the Green Fin Condenser lasts up to three times as long as standard types. This coating on the outdoor heat exchanger assures better performance and improves durability even in tough conditions such as those in coastal areas.

* Models RAS-25YHA and RAS-35YHA have a transparent anti-corrosion treatment applied.


Low Temperature Operation

Hitachi air conditioners can operate in outside temperatures down to -15C*. This should ensure you keep cosy and warm all winter.
*(-20C with RAS-S25/S35YHA models)



Fuzzy Logic Control

The built in microcomputer takes account of previous and current conditions and sets the advanced activation timer to provide the optimum temperature. This control system automatically provides optimal cooling or heating operation by using a combination of indoor/outdoor sensors and room temperature settings, to adjust the room temperature quickly and efficiently.


Low Starting Current and Auto Restart

Hitachi DC Inverter technology uses a low starting current, to minimise power usage at start up. For convenience, Hitachi heat pumps are able to memorise the precise operation mode, air flow, temperature and timing settings. If there is a power cut, settings will automatically reset to the original operating mode once power is restored.



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