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Control and Comfort

LCD remote system controllers

The handy infrared remote control allows you to accurately select the desired room temperature from the comfort of your armchair. All commands are shown clearly on the liquid crystal display. A smart system of one touch buttons can create the perfect environment with ease.


Available as standard with the S Range an optional with the E Range is the premium SPX-RCKA2 remote controller featuring 7 day timer with six on/off time and temperature settings for each day of the week. It also features the ability to track monthly power consumption.


The new SPX-WKT3 premium wired wall controller with 7 day timer is available as an optional extra. This features all advanced control features as well as monthly power consumption tracking.


Peace of Mind - 6 Year Warranty

Temperzone Ltd distributes Hitachi heat pumps throughout New Zealand. Hitachi heat pumps from temperzone have a 6 year warranty on parts and labour. It’s a comfort to know that this warranty is backed by Temperzone Ltd, the largest air conditioning manufacturer and exporter in Australasia: founded, owned and operated by New Zealanders since 1956.


Whisper Quiet

Hitachi air conditioners are very quiet. The quietest in our range (RAS-25YHA) has a sound level of only 22dBA on their lowest mode (that’s quieter than a soft whisper). Your air conditioner will operate between low and medium fan speed most of the time. This is where it’s very important to be quiet and where Hitachi excels.


Powerful Mode

Don't sit around waiting for your room to reach a comfortable temperature, Powerful mode will run your system at maximum output for 20-minutes projecting airflow further and faster to cool or heat a room rapidly.

ECO Mode

Programmed to run your system at a slightly reduced rate at the push of a button, Eco Mode will help keep your power consumption to minimum.

Sleep Mode

Sleep Mode adjusts fan speed and temperature, in heating or cooling, to provide comfort air conditioning while you’re sleeping, and also prevents drafts that might disrupt a good night’s sleep.

Track Power Consumption*

The info button enables you to monitor your air conditioners power usage directly from your wireless controller, ensuring there are no surprises when the electricity bill arrives. (*Premium SPX-RCKA2 remote only)

7 Day Weekly Timer*

Completely eliminating the need to manually control your air conditioner, the Weekly Timer function enables you to preset your unit to automatically turn on and off or change temperature to suit your weekly schedule. The seven-day timer function allows you to set up to six on/off time and temperature settings for each day of the week. You can even preset two seven-day schedules (e.g. for winter and summer) and choose the desired schedule as required. (*Premium SPX-RCKA2 remote only)

Leave Home Function*

Allowing you to preset your air conditioner to start automatically if the internal temperature drops to 10°C while you’re not at home, Leave Home Function is ideal for use in locations that experience very cold conditions. This function can be instrumental in preventing the formation of dampness and mould. (*Premium SPX-RCKA2 remote only)



Multi-Direction Auto Swing - 3D Airflow

The louvres not only move up and down automatically, but also left and right. This action disperses air over a much wider range to warm or cool the room efficiently and evenly. With the push of a button louvres can be set in any airflow direction to precisely control your comfort.



WiFi Control Option

With the Pebble WiFi controller, you can remotely control your Hitachi air conditioner from your smartphone or tablet. You can turn it on or off, change mode, change temperature, adjust the fan speed and set a 7 day weekly scheduler. It’s right at your finger tips – from anywhere any time.

Dehumidify (Dry Mode)

On a sticky humid day set Dry Mode to dehumidify your room, this will improve comfort by removing moisture from the room.


Totally Safe

Even when you are not at home. The unit sits high on the wall out of the reach of children. There are no ugly electric cords on the floor to trip over, no flammable fluids, no fumes and no dangerous hot elements.


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