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Clean Air Purification

Nano Titanium Air Purifying Filter

Shuts out germs, bacteria and allergens.

Nano Titanium particles are minute particles that catch and neutralize bacteria, mould and odour molecules which are approximately 1,000 times larger.

The filter is packed with a hybrid coating of Nano Titanium and wasabi solution which provides apowerful antibacterial, anti-mould, anti-allergen and deodorising effect, reducing bacteria and allergen levels by around 99% and 95% respectively.

Nano Titanium Pre-Filter*

The pre-filter which covers the entire air inlet to stop dust and other particles from entering is also coated with nano titanium.

The two-stage action of nano titanium in both the pre-filter and the purifying filter ensures that bacteria and odours are removed from the air.
*(Only available with S Series)

Deactivation Effect

Sample: Esherichia coli.

Bacteria (sample Esherichia coli) is deactivated by 99% in 24 hours.

(Tested by SIRIM QAS International Sdn, Bhd. Report No: 2004KLO100).

Powerful Wasabi Sanitizing

It may seem surprising but the wasabi often seen with sushi has a powerful sanitizing effect! Hitachi's unique Nano Titanium Wasabi air purifying filter is coated with wasabi-modified Nano Titanium particles to firmly catch and deactivate bacteria, allergens, mould and odours!

Using the action of the nano titanium catalyst which is 1/200 the size of regular antibacterial and Wasabi agents, microbes are captured and effectively neutralised to provide a powerful deodorising effect.

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