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Cassette Split Systems


Temperzone approved HITACHI Cassettes are a ‘Split’ system, combining an indoor cassette and an outdoor unit. They are usually positioned in the false ceiling and each system is a reverse cycle (heat pump), which can either heat or cool the area.


Hitachi Cassette Suitability

For open spaces and high ceilings in situations such as offices, retail outlets and public areas. Cassette air conditioners are less suitable for rooms with low or sloping ceilings, irregular shaped or high partitioned rooms or applications where noise levels are critical.


Attributes and Benefits


  • Cassettes are light weight, compact and unobtrusive.
  • Cassettes can be installed in areas with restricted ceiling space as the unit requires no ducting, unless fresh air is being introduced. Ideally suited for false ceilings.
  • Wall and floor space for shelving and wall displays is maximised, making it an ideal solution for retail environments.
  • Cassettes distribute air in four directions, so are generally positioned centrally in the area to be air-conditioned. For corner installations one or two flaps can be shut off.



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