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Can I Install It Myself?

Installing air conditioners is not a Do-It -Yourself job.

Hitachi heat pumps have New Zealand's longest warranty – 6 years – however this requires the system must be installed by a professional. 

Similarly, temperzone branded products have a 5 year warranty, but only if installed by a temperzone Approved Installer.

New Zealand law requires the electrical side of any heat pump installation be done by a Licensed Electrician and given an Electrical Code of Compliance.

The refrigeration part of your install requires technical care to ensure no contaminants are introduced into the system that can shorten the working life of an air conditioning unit.

Contact you local Temperzone office for further information on who can (or can’t) install your system, click here to request a Hitachi installer or installers in your area.

What can I expect from an Hitachi Accredited or temperzone Approved installer?

Our Installers are independent tradespeople that have a proven track record installing Hitachi and/or temperzone heat pumps/air conditioners. They know our products better than most and provide a reliable and trustworthy installation service. By using an accredited/approved installer you are ensuring your Warranty is protected and you're providing for long and enjoyable use of your heat pump.


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