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Frequently Asked Questions

We give answers to some common questions. If your question is not covered in the following information, please feel free to submit your inquiry here.

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Q: How do air conditioning systems work?

A: The most common type of temperzone air conditioning is the Split system.  This consists of two separate parts, an indoor unit (3)and an outdoor unit (1)between which runs the refrigeration piping (2). The indoor unit can come in many shapes and sizes, and ensures distribution of warm or cool air. The outdoor unit works hard, taking in or rejecting heat depending on the cooling or heating cycle. In a ducted system, as shown below, an indoor unit can be installed in the ceiling space with (in this case) the warm air entering rooms through the supply ducting (5)and the cool air taken up through thereturn air ducting (4). All of this can be regulated by adjusting the thermostat (6), for optimum comfort control

Q: What size Heat Pump will I need for my home or business?

A: Sizing and selecting the most suitable air conditioning system for your home or business should always be done with the consultation of a qualified installer. Factors including the kind of space(s) requiring air conditioning and the availability of installation space will inform this decision. To find the right sized heat pump for your home or business in your location see our Heat pump Selection Guide. Further information on our product range can be found here or to contact your local temperzone installer go here >>.


Q: What does the 'ENERGY STAR’ mean?

A: ENERGY STAR is the global mark of energy efficiency. It is typically awarded to the top 25 percent most energy efficient appliance. Temperzone is proud to provide a number of Energy Star awarded models from Hitachi – great news for you, and great news for the environment. For further information download an information sheet from EECA (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority) outlining information on the ENERGY STAR and Energy Rating Labels. 


Q: Are air conditioners noisy?

A: Temperzone is dedicated to designing and selecting high quality parts for noise reduction. With correct unit selection, installation,and maintenance the sound generated from air conditioning systems can be often barely perceptible. Note: Rooms with lots of hard surfaces will reflect sound much more than rooms with lots of soft furnishings.


Q: Will my system need maintenance?

A: Good maintenance is important in ensuring the continued performance of your air conditioning system. Air filters and outdoor unit coils will typically require regular cleaning. Talk to your dealer or installer about the requirements for your particular system.


Q: How important is a good installation?

A: While a wealth of design engineering has gone into temperzone units, a good installation is absolutely critical in achieving the best performance for your home or business. Look out for temperzone accredited installers, and check out the listing for your local trusted distributor. Additionally you can download the EECA guide "How to choose a heat pump and use it wisely".


Q: Do air conditioners take up a lot of room?

A: A varied product range, and temperzone’s ability to adapt to your specific requirements mean that there is a solution to suit the available space in your home or business.


Q: How 'environmentally safe' are air-conditioners?

A: Having a base in New Zealand, temperzone has always been conscious of making the better choice environmentally. Our new high efficiency models use less electricity than earlier models. Temperzone units use refrigerant R410A which is deemed to have zero ozone depletion potential.


Q: How much will it cost?

A:  It will obviously depend on the style of system being installed. Ultimately using the most efficient form of heating/ cooling and dehumidification will show savings in your power bill while providing a valuable upgrade to your home/ business. For a no obligation quote and advice on your particular location contact your local distributor.


Q: How do I make a Warranty Claim?

A:  The first step is to make contact with your installer, they will be able to ascertain the cause of the fault and either make their own repairs or make the warranty claim to temperzone.

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